mcm daily market update 14.Mar.22

ST trend: down (with potential bottoming attempt)

On Friday we were noting that the ST trend was up with potential topping pattern, as FGSI and IGSI were at extreme optimism and near term the market was overextended. We mentioned that as long as danny is supportive to price more upside is possible and indeed once danny was lost, the upside momentum dissappeared. We also mentioned that "In order to keep the new found up trend intact, buyers would need to hold ML on any potential back-test". And ML was lost as well and price fell another 50 points from there. The market also closed at the lows not having the usual late Friday ramp.

Sunday saw an attempted bounce, which failed near ML, and today's o/n saw a proper test of ML which even made it to macro-ML, but failed there. The rejection at ML and macro-ML means the downtrend is still intact. FGSI is at extreme pessimism which indicates a ST bounce is possible, however as long as ML is above price, the main trend is down. Friday's low is important on the downside. It held on Sunday and also today, if it breaks it would likely trigger the next leg lower.