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mcm daily market update 29.Jul.22

ST trend: up Yesterday we noted that the ST trend was up, as buyers managed to consolidate sideways after the huge up squeeze off FOMC. We also mentioned that "As long as ML is below price, bulls have the edge.". That turned out ot be true. The initial push higher off the RTH open was […]

mcm daily market update 27.Jul.22

ST trend: neutral Yesterday bears took control since the o/n after dropping price below ML. The entire o/n session price was capped by ML and then they pushed price below macro-ML into a nice flush towards 3920 lvl, overshooting it slightly. Bulls woke up then and after an unconfirmed low on FGSI managed to push […]

mcm daily market update 22.Jul.22

ST trend: neutral (with potential larger topping pattern) Yesterday we were noting that the ST trend was neutral, as buyers were inefficient via FGSI, having put in bearish EE vs the prior HOD, and price was testing ML once again. We did mention that ML was key for the trend and buyers managed to defend […]

mcm daily market update 20.Jul.22

ST trend: neutral (pullback to ML expected) Yesterday the market gapped up big then ran higher all day in an impressive show of strength from the bulls. In the o/n it coiled between macro-ML and ML, with bulls managing to hold macro-ML and once ML was won back there was no looking back. TTs helped […]

mcm daily market update 15.Jul.22

ST trend: neutral Yesterday we noted that the ST trend was down with potential bottoming process ongoing, as ML rejected price but FGSI was showing an unconfirmed low already. That low was broken and we made lower lows, but FGSI refused to confirm that low also and buyers managed to find a footing there (near […]

mcm daily market update 11.Jul.22

ST trend: neutral On Friday we were noting that the ST trend was neutral as we had the normal pullback to ML after an up squeeze, but it was a bit too shallow. Sellers were inefficient on FGSI, but then also buyers showed the same with bearish EE vs the prior high. The market showed […]

mcm daily market update 06.Jul.22

ST trend: neutral The market threw in 2 "there and back again" moments as it took out Friday's high in the o/n session, only to give up all those gains and test last week's lows during the RTH session. There buyers found their footing again and rallied right back up to the highs again. The […]

mcm daily market update 3.Jun.22

ST trend: neutral (pullback to ML likely) Yesterday we were noting that the ST trend was neutral as FGSI was showing that neither side was in control. Buyers had won ML, but were not able to put some distance to it and with bearish EE on FGSI, there was no clarity to the resume of […]

mcm daily market update 23.May.22

ST trend: up On Friday we were noting that the o/n ST trend was up, however we did warn that "So for now things look bullish, however I still believe this could be a bull trap, caused by OPEX. Buyers have the edge now, but to confirm the change in trend they would need to […]

mcm daily market update 19.May.22

ST trend: down Yesterday the sellers showed the true nature of this market as they dropped SPX a whooping 4% and we had a gap 'n go with relentless selling all day. As I have shared in the members' chat room, I have been bearish on these bounces and I think what was published in […]