mcm daily market update 16.May.22

ST trend: neutral

On Friday we were noting that the ST trend was up as buyers had rallied off unconfirmed lows and won back ML, while sellers were very inefficient on pull-backs. We did mention that while the low looked unresolved (3 waves in EWT terminology), the key lvl to break for sellers was ML. They were unable to do that, despite 2 additional attempts and buyers kept the trend intact, also pushing above macro-ML.

Sunday saw new highs being reached, which stayed unconfirmed and had a pretty large pullback (60 points) all the way into another ML back-test. It held again, however so far buyers were unable to push back towards the highs and price keeps hovering in ML vicinity. So for the moment, the trend looks to be up for grabs, neither side being in complete control. FGSI is also showing that both sides are inefficient. ML remains the key lvl to watch, as long as it is below price that should keep buyers afloat.