mcm daily market update 31.Dec.21

ST trend: down (with potential bottoming attempt)

Yesterday we were noting that the trend was up with potential topping pattern as the high was unconfirmed on FGSI. We did mention the big picture ranges of 4770 and 4800. The market first had yet another bounce off ML which stopped again on the 4800 resistance and then sellers finally took over and we saw a big sell-off in the 2nd part of the RTH session and closed at the lows right into 4770 lower part of the range.

The o/n saw sellers finally break the 4770 area with a quick 20 point drop right into macro-ML. That test of macro-ML was unconfirmed on FGSI and buyers stepped in and brought price right back up to 4770. They are not very efficient via FGSI, as they are testing that big level from below, so this bounce could be just a reflexive back-test of prior broken support. Buyers would need to see a break back above 4770 and ML (which is just above) in order to get back in the lead. Either directly from here or after making a higher low vs the o/n low. Sellers have the upper hand now and they need to hold here and break the unconfirmed low.

And as today is the last day (and trading day) of the year, Happy New Year!