mcm daily market update 9.Mar.22

ST trend: up (with potential topping pattern)

Yesterday we were mentioning that the ST trend was down as price made lower lows in the o/n and buyers had stepped in to push a bounce into a ML back-test. We noted that what would happen at ML would be important. Price was indeed rejected at ML, went lower to test the o/n lows, before staging a very impressive rally all the way to macro-ML. Then the market did the same as the prior day (similarities to which we noted as well). It went to macro-ML and failed there quickly after, lost ML on the way down and came back to the lows, erasing almost the entire pop.

The o/n proved once more that the market likes to trap both sides in this high VIX environment. The close near the lows was a trap and the market ramped 90 points o/n. Buyers won back ML again and erased almost the entire drop. The action is likely to remain volatile (with VIX at 35+ it's no surprise) and even if buyers managed to step in hard, the next inflection (area near yesterday's HOD and macro-ML) is important to keep an eye on. If price stalls there and buyers fail to make head-way above macro-ML, then we could see yet another trip to the lows.